DrupalCamp Baltics 2013 is bringing together Drupal enthusiasts from all Baltic countries and nearby shores

Reasons to participate:

  • You will learn new stuff about Drupal
  • You will meet the best Drupal experts in our region
  • You can find new business opportunities
  • You can find new employer / recruit Drupal experts

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Latest Updates

29.08.2013 | Thank you!

A big thank you all to all sponsors, speakers, and participants. The Camp was a real blast and a total success.

21.08.2013 | Record number of attendees

The number of attendees at this year DrupalCamp is higher than ever in previous years! We have hit the record already some time ago and the number is rising every day.

15.08.2013 | Session schedule is closed

Our session schedule is closed with 17 great sessions and expert speakers from 5 countries - Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Belgium and Czech Republic.

08.07.2013 | New sessions are out!

Say hello to our new presenters!

25.06.2013 | Early Bird tickets are now available!

DrupalCamp Baltics 2013 tickets are now available. Buy your ticket now for only 10 €.